Heavy Duty Beard Balm and Beard Oil by Mountaineer Brand: The Ultimate Beard Conditioning Combo Pack

  • Price : 16.00
  • TAME AND CONDITION YOUR BEARD at the same time. Our Heavy-Duty balm is also a double-duty balm. It tames bushy beards that are either a gift of Mother Nature or a natural part of growing out your beard; it is also great as an all-day and/or over-night conditioner.
  • SOFTEN AND SHINE your beard when you use both the Heavy-Duty Balm and Beard Oil in conjunction with one another. Use both products as often as you’d like; both can be used several times a day without feeling greasy.
  • SAY GOODBYE TO DANDRUFF by keeping your face and beard moisturized and hydrated. Dandruff comes from having a dry, neglected face and beard. Those flakes don’t look good on anyone.
  • LUXURY WITHOUT THE SACRIFICE – Go ahead and look around. You won’t find better beard care out there and you certainly won’t find it at a better price.
  • ALL-NATURAL beard care products HANDCRAFTED in WV