ST. TROPICA Hair Vitamins for Hair Growth Treatment – Superfood Formula Helps Prevents Hair Loss & Thinning, Proteins & Minerals for Longer, Stronger, Thicker Hair – Vegan – (Acai Berry) 30-Count

  • Price : $25.00
  • Price : $49.00
  • SELFISHLY MADE! When we decided to create ST. TROPICA Hair Growth Vitamins, we set out to create our own “Dream” Hair Vitamin for all hair types and textures: the one that we ourselves would actually take every day - to Grow Hair naturally & most effectively. Good news - it’s no longer selfish – as we now get to share with you, what we believe is the Best Hair Vitamin… Ever!
  • BIOACTIVE EFFICACY: Specifically designed to accelerate natural Hair Growth, for LONGER, STRONGER, THICKER HAIR while helping to prevent Hair Thinning & Hair Loss. Formulated with 11 essential Hair Health ingredients (Vitamins, Proteins & Minerals) and 7 exclusive HAIR SUPERFOODS to help improve the rate of Hair Growth, Hair Texture, Strength & Shine! Healthy Hair requires a Healthy Scalp. Helps nourish Hair Follicles, thus reversing damage at the root… promoting new Hair Growth, naturally.
  • BEST OF THE BEST: With a blank canvas and no budget, we could have chosen any ingredients we wanted, with one singular goal, being Maximum Hair Growth. And that’s exactly what we did. Think of it as our ultimate wish-list, realized! Recommended for Thinning Hair, Weak Hair or Hair Loss... and to Grow Hair at Optimum levels.
  • HAND SELECTED: Every single ingredient in our exclusive formula has been rigorously researched & evaluated for both efficacy & safety, and finally hand-selected regardless of cost, in our quest to create the World’s Best Hair Vitamin.
  • CROSS CHECKED: Every single ingredient has been ran against Skin Deep database – the Authority for Clean Label, and cross-checked against WebMD – the Authority for Side Effects. And, it’s ALL good!